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shopworthy March 2003

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Ten years ago when I first came up with the shopworthy concept I was walking along Flinders Lane in Melbourne's CBD and was intrigued by one of the street's old buildings.

I entered the lift and pulled across the ageing concertina doors. Whatever floor I ended up stopping on, the multiple doors presented to me were identical. Their honey-stained dimensions were short, the corridor narrow. I loved it... what character! I decided to open a door at the end of the t-intersection.

I could not have predicted the glory beyond that door. Everything ... everything in the room was painted red. A tall, thin man entered the red room from the other side, from his office, and asked me if he could help. I explained to him with my enthusiastic voice (which was then in its late teens) that I was searching for unique shops. Knowing that he held a great surprise for me he instructed that I open the third door in the red room.

Beyond the small red room was a sort of warehouse where this man shared the workspace with an industrial artist. The man was a jeweller. He spoke with me about his wonderfully imaginative philosophies behind his jewellery designs while I enjoyed looking around. He was inspired by the idea of magic and the animal form. He designed and crafted the pieces in this space, selling to select clients from there and to the public at the St. Kilda Market.

A few weeks ago I walked along Flinders Lane specifically in the hope of finding this interesting jeweller again. I left the city late that afternoon very disappointed that I could not meet up once again with this person. The jeweller in Flinders Lane who loved deep red, who made unique jewellery inspired by unreal, organic, fleshy forms to sell in busy St. Kilda - What a review that would have made.

2003, this is the year for revealing, discovering more of Melbourne's unique shops before they move on or perhaps give up having not had enough publicity.

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